Blackadder Raw Cask Peated Amrut Indian Single Malt Whisky

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Color: Dirty Dekopon

On the nose: Exotic, almost indescribably so. Underripe bananas, incense, mukhwas. Smoky, meaty note of summer sausage. Some earthily-fruity scents of stewed prunes, a nip of cocoa powder, and the enveloping humid, leafy greenness of the jungle.

In the mouth: Overwhelming and all-encompassing. Smoothly and sweetly creamy to start, perhaps the most obvious influence of the bourbon cask. This perks up with a bit of fenugreek at midpalate, before lapsing into a densely perfumed woodiness and alcoholic burn that coats the mouth entirely. The heat recedes, leaving echoes of the intensely herbal flavors and the bittersweet flavors of cocoa and fresh coffee beans. Lingers on and on for several minutes with persistent re-emergence of bay leaves and curry spice.

~9/10 Malt Review

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