WhistlePig Roadstock Rye Whiskey

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Earlier this year we loaded up a semi-trailer with barrels from our farmhouse distillery in Shoreham, Vermont. Then we hit the open road with the world’s first-ever rolling rickhouse in tow. Our journey traced the all-American road trip, following Historic Route 66 from the streets of Chicago to the sun-soaked shores of Los Angeles. 

Before we left, half of the future RoadStock whiskey was transferred into Bordeaux blend casks from Jordan Winery that would make the full 6000-mile round trip journey providing ample time for the whiskey to steal the nuanced complexity from these incredible casks. The other half of the whiskey would remain in their original virgin oak barrels until we made it to California. 

This 86-proof, hand-crafted stunner sings with a symphony of raspberry jam, brown sugar, and toasted cedar. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before: finished on the road, for full-speed flavor. We even topped the bottle in a miniature rubber tire, because that’s how we roll. Uncork it and take your tastebuds for a ride.

~Distiller's Notes

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