The Senator Barrel Proof Straight Rye Whiskey

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Appearance: It’s very amber, almost red in color. It’s not heavy but not light, settling in a Goldilocks middle ground.

Nose: Warm cornbread, ginger, apples and sweet tea round out this easy-drinking bourbon. There’s a slight citrusy scent, orange oils, apples, and allspice.

Palate: The Ambassador is a really easy-drinking bourbon. It’s the kind of thing that I’d like to sip out on my porch in the dead of summer. It starts of sweet and unassuming, and builds into some spice from there rye. There are notes of orange, dark cherry, cinnamon muffins. The oak and rye come out in the body of flavor, and trail off into a pleasant finish that doesn’t linger too long.

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