Redbreast Pedro Ximenez Cask Irish Whiskey

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Nose: darker and sweeter than the Lustau Edition, though certainly not light years apart. Red berries, jammy blackberries, with toffee and chocolate. Hints of hazelnuts. Also a light citrusy overtone and hints of pot still / European oak spice.

Mouth: sweeter, but apparently spicier than the Lustau Edition as well. There’s an added layer of treacle and caramelized nuts, with candied orange slice. Hints of latte with vanilla syrup. Towards the finish I’m finding more liquorice, sweet malt and light nutmeg. Still a brighter citrus note as well, which means it doesn’t become cloying.

Finish: medium, on caramelized almonds and toffee, with a light hint of mocha.

~Distiller's Notes

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