Red Spot Single Pot Still 15 yr Bourbon/Sherry/Marsala Wine Cask

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Red Spot 15 Year Single Pot Still is matured at least 15 years in a combination of American oak ex-bourbon, ex-sherry butts, and ex-Marsala wine casks. Red Spot was originally produced by the Mitchell family, fine wine & spirits purveyors based in Dublin who are still in business today.

The nose is quite fragrant with a host of aromas such as walnuts, dried fruits, oak, vanilla, and just a touch of smoke. These notes continue on the taste with the barley notes coming in to match the fruity flavors. The whiskey blends well with these wine casks providing a bittersweet finish with a gentle bite. The finish is quite long and pleasing and the proof is fine as is--wouldn't add much water if that is how you take your whiskey. Once again, another fine bottling for this family of single pot still whiskeys.

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