Proof and Wood 'The Stranger' Polish Rye Whiskey

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Nose: Gentle, clean rye flavor. Warm underlying spices. There’s a different scent there, bready, specifically rye crusts. White grape sweetness on the back. The nose is powerful, making its way to my tongue before it ever touches my lips.

Palate: Spicy, but again there’s clearly something different. Great rye crust, caraway, and dark caramel. Quite savory in some ways with a buttery quality. Mouthfeel is thin-to-medium, the sweet and savory caraway seed baked and rested. Herbal and floral rye sticks on the tongue with a mild coating on the entire palate.

Finish: Sweeter and fruitier than the nose or palate, introducing apricot jam and toasted nutmeg.


~ Whiskey in My Wedding Ring

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