Meyer-Fonne Riesling Reserve 2015

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The 2015 Riesling Réserve opens with a beautifully elegant and intense bouquet of super ripe and concentrated, but also precise and mineral Riesling aromas of citrus and white fruit, intermixed with stony and herbal (thyme) flavors. Round and intense on the palate (the 5.6 grams of residual sugar tastes pretty round due to the high extract of the vintage), this is a pretty concentrated, piquant and harmonious, dry-styled and finessed Riesling. It has a long and aromatic but also clear and well-structured, mineral finish. There are potted ginger flavors on the mid-palate and in the finish! This medium-bodied but pretty rich Riesling should be great with Thai food and other spicy dishes. This is everything but a cool-climate Riesling, but it’s really good!

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