Ichiro's Malt and Grain World Whisky

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Ichiro's Malt & Grain World Blended Whisky is a bit of an enigma. The exact components of this annual limited release gem are kept secret, but there appears to be a lot of local, Chichibu Distillery Spirit with enough outside elements to craft the flavor profile Ichiro was looking for. It is — obviously — a combination of Single Malts and grain Whiskies married at the Chichibu Distillery, but all that you will notice is the lovely flavor profile, delicate texture, and spot-on 48% ABV. 

Nose / Aroma / Smell
The aromas of peach and apricot cobbler, lemon zest, and granola waft over creamy toffee.

Flavor / Taste / Palate
The palate has vanilla and toffee up front with tropical fruit, pepper, and lemon grass on the back of the tongue.

The finish is medium length with more tropical fruit and lingering butterscotch notes.

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