Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

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The liquid is a dark amber color, almost like a tobacco leaf and less like the caramel color you get in something like Bulleit Bourbon. It smells stronger, too, with a heavy dose of earthyness and less of the typical sweet caramel and vanilla tones. Those things are still present, but the richness seems to push them to the background. That said, toffee and vanilla are the primary flavors I can tease out of the scent.

Taking a first sip, the flavors are more nutmeg and chocolate, richer and earthier than the usual bourbon. It’s still as sweet as I’d expect a bourbon to be, but less ‘caramel apple’ and more ‘winter spiced cider’. It seems that more of the flavors from the charred barrel have made their way into the spirit than the Kentucky variety of bourbon — which makes sense for the bolder, wilder Texas weather.

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