Kuleto Estate Frog Prince Napa County Red Blend 2014

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Depending on where and how grape varieties are grown, theycan express themselves in a myriad of ways. When selectingthose vineyard blocks or rows or vines that might beappropriate for the Frog Prince blend, we look for the moresubtle characteristics of the varieties, e.g. fresh fruits versus cooked, red fruits versus blue or black, a bit less alcohol, a bit more acid, and perhaps a bit of dried herbs. In many cases, the different varieties are fermented together to create something wholly unique. The 2014 Frog Prince puts it all together in a classic Old World style wine. Cherry blossom and red plum scents dominate with a delicate aroma of almond paste which adds subtle complexity. The mouth follows suit with its bright red fruit impressions; the tannins are those that you find near thepit when eating stone fruits which gives the palate a decidedly toothy feeling. It is old school in all the good ways and a terrific food wine with its stimulating palate.

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