Five Lions 22 Years "Burnside"

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Here’s a blend sure to appeal to even the most finicky single malt aficionados. If a single malt contains so much as a teaspoon of another single malt, it must, by legal definition, be called a blend. This is an example of a “teaspoon whisky”—a single cask of a 22 year old Balvenie, matured in second-fill Oloroso sherry casks, leavened with a teaspoon of Glenfiddich, its sibling distillery in Speyside. So while Burnside is technically a blend, it’s actually a first-rate Balvenie, with velvety honeyed sweetness morphing into dry, raisiny, sherry notes. The finish is long and sumptuous, with lots of warmth but surprisingly little heat, considering it’s a cask-strength 111 proof. Five Lions, an independent bottler, acquired only a single cask, so supplies are quite limited

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