Erin Go Bragh Unblended Pot Still 20 yr (Distilled 1967, bottled 1987)

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Dusty oiliness in an old fashioned way.  Dried apricots, figs and peach. Some grassiness. Whiffs of leathery oak and tobacco. Later on more on vanilla and custard. Rubbery notes as well. Complex and promising. Quite waxy with a full text mouth coating. Lots of mineral notes. Freshness of grapefruit, lemon and lime. Granny Smith apples and orange marmelade. Hints of unmalted green barley. Some starch. A little smoke at the background. Very special and enjoyable. Medium long. Spices of black pepper and nutmeg. Ginger. Some salt. Liquorice at the end. It's all very well balanced.

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