Bollinger 'La Grande Annee' Brut 2007

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The nose starts off with a first impression of fresh almonds, then yellow-flesh fruit aromas evoking peach and mango; toasted, roasted notes accompanied with dried citrus and pink grapefruit. There is a lovely aromatic fullness with honey flavors and a smooth chalky texture on the palate, followed by candied lemon notes and a delicious bitterness, ending on a wonderfully refreshing finish. La Grande Annee 2007 is the perfect Champagne to serve with a fine meal, underscoring Bollinger’s reputation as the ultimate food pairing Champagne. The Champagne shines when enjoyed with grilled fish and lobster; it can stand up to a freshly roasted lamb or veal, as well. And a classic French foie gras will do just fine, thank you. A simple, yet divine enhancement is with fresh Parmesan or Comte.

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