Blue Note 17 Year Bourbon

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NOSE: Big apple pie, spice drops, hone, cocoa and a rich vanilla bean character. Tea and candied orange. Faint pepper. Pretty opulent dessert notes throughout.

TASTE:  Rich on the palate, viscous mouthfeel and some amazing oak structure. Big fudge notes, a bouquet of fresh fruit like apples, pear, blackberry, cherry. Extremely low on TN minerality, if there's any at all. Oak structure helps keep everything tied together. Drinkers will have a hard time pegging this as TN distillate blind. Cherry on the back palate with big vanilla bean and honeysuckle notes.

FINISH: Long finish. Pleasant and drying, but not overly tannic or bitter. Fruit cocktail carries through the finish with orange peel, cocoa and honey seeing things to an end.

~8/10 Whiskey Raiders

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