Bern's Barrel Aged Blend

*****Limited Release!*****
This Signature Series Blend was created in partnership with Bern's Steak House for the 25th Anniversary of Bern's Winefest.

The net proceeds of this Limited Edition Blend go to support the Laxer Family Foundation.
We will only be releasing 1,000 bags total and they will go fast.
So order your bag today of this unique blend!
Sold in 1 pound bags (16oz)

For this special collaboration the raw coffee beans are dry aged in bourbon barrels for two weeks prior to roasting. These beans are then small batch roasted and each batch is numbered for its unique flavor. This roast is on the lighter side to accentuate the notes of oak and vanilla from the barrel aging. You will notice the heavy aroma and flavors as it moves from oak to vanilla with a cola finish.

Odd numbered batches- dry aged in Woodinville Whiskey Bourbon barrel
Even numbered batches- dry aged in a Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrel

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