Basil Hayden Toast Straight Bourbon

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Expertly crafted by eighth generation Beam family distiller, Freddie Noe, Basil Hayden Toast represents a reimagining of Basil Hayden with the use of a toasted barrel. In lieu of traditional rye grain, Basil Hayden Toast is made using US-grown brown rice, which imparts a hint of sweetness and a touch less spice, while a secondary toasted barrel finish draws out notes of caramelized sugar and toasted wood. After aging, the toasted brown rice bourbon is blended back with more brown rice bourbon, which has been rested in level four char barrels, to achieve a final product with complex flavor grounded in sweet vanilla and rich roasted notes. In an ever-expanding and often intimidating bourbon market, the light, approachable palette of Basil Hayden Toast offers a fresh perspective.

~Distiller's Notes

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