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The Allegrini family has been involved in wine farming and production for generations. Today, the company is managed directly by Walter, Franco and Marilisa Allegrini. WALTER, the eldest. His uncomplicated and honest character is the classical expression of someone who lives their relationship with nature. He is directly and personally in charge of all viticultural activities. FRANCO the youngest. He has learned how to communicate with wine from the years spent at his father's side in the cellar. In 1983 he became solely responsible for this delicate and extremely important aspect of production. This was a particularly difficult legacy as people expected him to meet the high standards set by his father. Today, through his dedication, enthusiasm and his matured experience, he is considered among the best Italian winemakers. MARILISA, the second child. Rural tradition in the Veneto area normally sees the role of women indoors. There are, however, quite a few exceptions to the rule. Her father never thought much of discrimination between the sexes, and ever since she was a teenager, put her in charge of the company's commercial side. Her role today is to bring Allegrini wines recognition throughout the world. This is no easy task, as to do so, one has to compare oneself with a world which is very different from the world within the company. Marilisa follows market trends and takes care of communication and advertising, always highlighting the high quality of the product. Together, Walter, Marilisa e Franco, have striven, through hard work in the cellars and above all, in the vineyards, to improve the quality of Allegrini's wines while respecting local wine farming traditions. They have known from the start that excellent results can only be achieved by working properly in the vineyard. It has therefore been in the vineyard that the most important investments have been made, progressively increasing their property and, through planting and replanting, aiming for the best productive quality possible. The family's vineyards are among the most representative of Valpolicella, producing wines with as much character and individual personality as possible. Hard work and enthusiasm have resulted in Allegrini becoming the leading wine producer in the Valpolicella area. Visit the Allegrini website.
Allegrini Palazzo della Torre 2011

Allegrini Palazzo della Torre 2011

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This is one of the wines that has made Allegrini famous throughout the world. The vineyard surrounds Villa della Torre, a splendid masterpiece of Renaissance architecture now owned by the family, and produces a full-bodied red wine that has an ageing potential of at least ten years. The blend is ... more


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Allegrini Valpolicella Classico 2016

Allegrini Valpolicella Classico 2016

Ruby red in colour, with purplish-blue highlights; the nose exhibits fragrant fruit with prominent notes of cherries, echoed by fresher hints of pepper and aromatic herbs, typical of Corvina and Corvinone, the historic varietals of this appellation. Whilst young it is impressively lively and playful on the palate whereas some ... more


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